Friday, July 16, 2010

Fishing and playing in Vernal

You might be wondering why we are going to all of these different places. Well, it's because our kids only get two weeks for summer break. We are on year round schooling and Isaac just got out of school at the first of July and has to go back next week. I think it's too short but, we wanted to make the best of it. So, we have gone swimming (which, I didn't take my no pics) bowling, treasure hunting, sprinkler swimming/car washing in swimsuits and lots of late nights and sleeping in for the kiddo's. We went to Vernal this week to visit grandma and grandpa and to do some fishing/swimming and exploring.
We started fishing at the lake about hour drive up the mountain from Vernal. We didn't have any bites, actually I think only my dad had one good bite so, we moved to the stream...where we caught all our fish but, not before a moose came down to the lake for a drink. We also saw some deer so, we definetely got to see some wildlife along with some fun fishing!
We moved to the stream and had lots of fun. We only caught brook trouts but, it was really fun for the kids because it wasn't too long between catching fish, which kept it entertaining!
Abbie caught a fish with her dad and she came to show me. She wasn't scared at all about holding the fish. She definetely is like MY grandmother Millett who isn't scared of holding a snake or other creeping things. Must be genetic! I like everything except snakes...eewwww! (shudder)
I'm sure some girls wouldn't want to touch a fish but, I was pleasantly surprised to see Abbie holding her own fish. She loved it!
Abbie was so excited about her catch and her cousin was clapping when Abbie showed it to her. I'm sure aunt Adrienne is thrilled to see this! Abbie showed her cousin how the fish was funny to see my neice clap and kick her feet and be so excited about seeing the fish. Abbie showed her the finer points of her lovely fish!
Kaden with his fish!
Isaac's catch! He had to walk it back to the string of fish with a stick, so he wouldn't lose his catch. The string of fish was being kept by my mom and myself. We found a great spot to watch all the fishing under a nice stand of trees. It was really fun watching the kids have such a good time!
The Catch!
All of the fishermen and fishergirl posed for a picture with their catches! It's always fun having a good fishing day!
Kaden caugh his fish being daddy's helper! Good job buddy!
So, we planned on going fishing at the Steineker lake that afternoon. It was warm and the kids were excited to go with their cousins!
The lake was a little rough when we first got to Steineker but, we had fun fishing anyways.
Logan was intently watching Kai cast! He's going to be a fast learner!
Kai is getting really good at casting...good job buddy!
The boys intently watching their poles but, it was hard with the waves.
Isaac got a little bored when there were no bites so...he stuck his pole in the sand (you can barely see it in the corner of the picture)  and was building a sand castle. Well, that's fun too!
The wind started picking up and the waves were overtaking the bobber's so the kids couldn't tell if they were getting bites so, we didn't stay as long as we planned.  
The kids really enjoyed fishing with their cousins! were the best!
Next time, we'll have to take the cousins with us in the morning and hopefully we'll catch fish with them too! All-in-all, Vernal was great! It's always a delite to get to hang out with family! The barbecue was delicious and it was great that the cousins got to hang out! Fishing was really fun and the kids got a lot of practice casting. I was so proud to see each of them holding their own fish!
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  1. What a fun day fishing! Way to go on holding your own fish Abbie, I must have not got the same genes because I am definatly not one of those girls that can do that. Yuck! Good for you though, you are definatly your mother's child :) Love you guys, and Happy Summer Vacation!


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