Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Camping at Granite Flat

We went camping last week up American Fork Canyon. We had never taken the kids there so, we decided to try somewhere new and it was so worth it. The scenery was beautiful and the drive was short enough that the kids didn't have time to ask if we were there yet! LOL We camped at the Granite Flat campground and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We even fished two different lakes; tibble fork reservoir and silver lakes.
We set up camp then went exploring, then off to the lake to catch dinner. Just kidding, we only caught one fish and it was little so we released it!
The kids were able to watch the wildlife resource management stock the lake. Good timing...don't you think? We just got to the reservoir and the wildlife guy pulled up at the same time. It was fun to see how it is done. The kids were thrilled that there were going to be more fish in the lake!
Fishing was great! The kids are getting to be really good at casting!
I love that each one of the kids has their own fishing pole, although Reed didn't get to fish much because he spent his time untangling line and baiting hooks. You are a great dad, Reed!
Isaac caught a small trout and dad was teasing him with it. He kept telling Isaac that the fish wanted a little fishy kiss. Isaac wasn't buying any of that!
Then we released it because it was too small. Next time Isaac, you'll get a keeper!
This is the family setting up camp. We actually got everything set up before we went fishing and exploring even though it's at the end of the post. I guess it doesn't matter, it was all done on the same little camping trip.
The kids loved taking turns pounding in the tent pegs...hopefully they will always be so helpful! I think that is wishful thinking!
Kaden was dad's #1 helper with the tent poles. He would put them together then try to lift them once they were in the sleeve that holds the tent up. He had to have a little help even though he wanted to do it by himself. Soon enough buddy, you'll be big enough to set a tent up by yourself!
It's really fun that the kids are getting big enough to help put up the tent. They love getting to help dad hammer in the stakes!
This is Abbie goofing off when we were getting the fishing poles ready to go fishing at silver lake. So silly!
It was beautiful up there at the lake that evening! We had a good time fishing!
Reed also taught the kids how to skip rocks...who knew it was such an art form. I think Kaden just liked to watch the rocks splash in the water. He didn't get many to skip and we didn't catch any fish at this lake. Maybe that is just a coincidence or maybe the kids scared them away with their rock. Isaac got pretty good at skipping them and got a couple to go for a few skips. You are always a fast learner, good job buddy!
Isaac actually got a little car sick on the steep winding road to silver lake so once we were parked I found him sunning himself by the truck on a huge rock. It didn't stop him from fishing, he loves it!
The sling shots were actually supposed to be a christmas present LAST year. Needless to say, I did not let Reed give the boys sling shots, they were too young. Well, Reed proved me wrong...he brought them on the campout and the kids had a blast! They loved picking up little pebbles and trying to hit targets. They had such a fun time, I had to relent and tell Reed that they really were a good idea but, only in the woods and they have to go back into hiding until we are out in the woods where it's safe to let kids practice with sling shots. Who knew it would entertain them for HOURS!
You three are so silly and fun to go camping with and I can't wait until we can go again!

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  1. What a cute bunch you are... :) I love that you are making memories all the time!!
    Love you,


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