Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Gold Panning

One of the activities we did on our two weeks of summer was to show the kids gold panning. This came about after Reed had seen a documentary of gold panning in utah. He thought it was pretty interesting and so we planned on taking the kids this summer. So, if you have noticed...the kids have all received rain boots for their birthdays. This might have been a coincidence...then again, maybe not. Hee Hee. So, when I went to walmart three weeks ago and their rain boots were on clearance, I purchased Isaac and I a pair (the only ones that hadn't had their birthday yet) and we were ready to go to gold panning.
You need very little supplies...a shovel, a pan and some water boots! Recipe for a great time with kids!
The kids loved being able to wade back and forth through the creek. The water was quite cool so, this made it very enjoyable for the kids with the warm weather.
The kids were fascinated by what we found...oh yeah...nothing but fun!
Here's my cute white/grey polka dot boots! Oh so cute!
Abbie was insistent that we bring her pink garden shovel.
Kaden loved playing in the water digging with his shovel
Isaac loved diggin for dirt to be panned for gold.
It was beautiful weather, warm and the cool water felt great! The kids loved the experience and weren't sad at all that we didn't find any gold. The only thing we found was some iron pyrite and some really cool colored pebbles. It was fun anyways! I am so glad that you kids love a new adventure and that you are willing to try new things. I hope that will always be a life long skill....to always be willing to try something new! Love you all...you made the trip really fun!
Cassy Final

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  1. What a fun family adventure! Only one question...Where are Reed's rain boots? lol just kidding, looks like you had a great time. Too bad you didn't strike it rich though :)


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