Friday, July 16, 2010

Exploring "Remember the Maine" Park

This is a park that my family would visit often when I was growing up. We would all play on the metal swings and I wanted to show the kids this cool park with the creek that runs through it. Unfortunately, they were putting in a new play equipment and there was a lovely orange fence surrounding the play equipment. So, we headed to the river to check it out and explore.
Grandma came with us and the kids were very happy...can you tell, they loved that we got to explore with grandma!
I knew I wanted to take some photos here...since a lot of people's really pretty here! I got some great photos of all the kids!
Isaac found a tree by the creek and became a little monkey and I hardly got any pictures of him because he was having too much fun in the tree.

Since Isaac didn't want to come out of the tree, Reed put the other kids in the tree with him!
I even got a good picture of my mom. I had to cross the creek to get far enough away to take the next photo of the kids so, I snapped one of my mom. My, my..that must be where we all get the good looks from! Love ya gorgeous grandma!
Isaac back in the tree. Too bad we don't have a tree big enough for him to climb in but, it will be a few years before our trees are big enough for that!
This is the creek at the park. It is beautiful here!
My handsome hubby!
We even found a frog!
Reed got the kids to touch and hold it....he even kissed Abbie on the cheek with the frog!
I missed the picture opportunity of her face after her dad kissed her with a frog. Needless to say, it was priceless! He was telling her that it would turn into a prince because she's his princess! She just laughed and asked to hold it!
She wasn't scared of holding the frog! Definetely great grandma millett's grandkid! Just like her playing with frogs and everything else! No fear!
Kids playing in the creek!
Reed had worn shoes so, he had to borrow my sandals to get across the creek. He was coming back with the kids flip flop goes floating down the creek. I wouldn't have anything to wear if he didn't get my shoe so....he chased after it!
Luckily he caught it! Good thing for him or I would have been shoe less!
My mom was kind enough to take the camera and take a family photo for us! Thanks mom, it was fun coming to this park and then going for slurpies afterward because it was a warm day!
It was fun showing my kids a park that I played at all during my growing-up years! Glad you like it and it was fun exploring with all of you!
Cassy Final

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  1. Hey Cassy...thanks for sharing this. I love this park and loved to go there. This really brought back the memories. Isn't your mom sooooo cute!! Love you all!!


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