Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July Barbeque

Happy 4th of July...well 3rd anyway. With the official holiday being on sunday, we had the barbecue and fireworks on saturday. We had such a good time and ate really yummy food. Here's Kaden with a peice of flag cake....classic 4th of July food! Then we had a little while before it was going to be dark enough to start the fireworks. So, we improvised! Snaps are always a hit with the kids. We gave them each their own box of snaps and it kept them busy for quite a while. 
So, we still had a little time so our friend showed the kids the cool new sprinkler that spins. Reed was up against the house turning it off and on. It was so funny because they couldn't figure out that when they all would finally stand close enough it would spray and get them all wet. They would all scream and run away from the water.
Isaac finally figured out that if you hold it, it doesn't spin and get everyone wet. So, it became the drinking fountain instead. Go're so smart!
Then it was finally time for sparkler's!! These things never get old...the same things I did as a kids, my kids are doing with sparklers....classics!
We decided we still had a little time before it was time for the "big" fireworks so, our friends got out their pony and the kids got to go for a ride around the yard on "stormy" the pony!
The kids absolutely loved it because it was just their size. Stormy is such a nice little pony!
Isaac was even able to ride. We made sure he didn't touch the pony and that he washed his hands once he got off and he didn't have any problems. Isaac has his dad's allergies to horses....yeah for genes! 
The kids loved watching the fireworks. They loved playing with the glow sticks once it got dark. They suddenly turned into star wars characters. I love to see the kids having so much fun!!
Cassy Final


  1. Fun. That was a little weird for John and I to see his old house/yard/etc... in the background of the pictures. We spent lots of years doing fireworks on that sports court! By they way, I never got around to posting a comment awhile back on your new kitchen table. I love it. I'm assuming it's Aunt Alice's table that we had until recently--When we had that table it needed to be refinished so badly but I had no idea how to make it look good or even where to begin. You are so talented.

  2. What! Complete with pony rides? Looks like it was a great time. Happy 4th of July! (well 3rd) :D


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