Saturday, May 29, 2010

Year End Preschool Field Trip

on the Front Runner Train to the Discovery Gateway Chidren's Museum!
The last field trip of the year was on the train, the front runner train down to salt lake city to the Discovery Gateway.
Abbie and Kaden were SO excited for the train to come!
..This is the kids first time riding the front runner....

They loved the Magnetix Table. The kids love building things and being creative!
We ate our lunch on the helicopter terrace. The kids got to play on the life flight helicopter after they finished their lunches.
This was Abbie's FAVORITE thing in the entire place. She loved scaling all the different routes. She got Kaden excited about trying it and kept giving him pointers when she found a good way to go.
There was a replica horse there in the barn. The kids could ride it and feed it bails of  hay. They loved it!
The water river was really fun. There were toys and ways to make the water move wheels. Really fun!
Kaden loved the musical instruments!
The kids loved the bee hive ball place but, quickly moved onto other things to do!
This was a great field trip and the kids have talked about taking Isaac and Dad back sometime so they can ride on the cool train and see the Discovery Gateway! Such a fun year end field trip!!
Cassy Final

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