Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Catch Up!

    Let's Play Catch Up.
We've been here, there....everywhere.
We went to Grand Junction again this last weekend to support my neice for her baptism. It was a bitter sweet event but it was great to see the family again.
This past week Isaac had his first grade program. It was all about Dinosaurs. It was the cutest program and the kids were so animated.

Isaac was on the back row in the center section. Once the kids on the side stood up to sing, you couldn't see Isaac from where I was sitting.
The kids were so animated. It was such a cute program! The kids did great!
This is Isaac with his teacher Ms. Edwards. She is an awesome teacher!
They had pictures of all the kids in the different classes. You can kinda see Isaac's picture up on the screen. I wish Reed had been able to go because I couldn't get the camera to video record. Reed had showed me once but, apparently I wasn't listening. LOL So, he just had to look at pictures. Isaac did sing the songs for dad so I guess Reed got his own private concert.
The other day I was at work. It had been raining and Abbie insisted that she show dad the rainbow that you could see out the back door. Reed grabbed the camera and took these pictures.

Reed said that this is his pot at the end of the rainbow....Abbie! Definetely a Daddy's Girl!

This last weekend we went back to Grand Junction, CO for my neices baptism. She looked so pretty in her dress. Ashley made the dress and did such a wonderful job. She's definetely talented with the sewing machine!

So gorgeous!
My dad baptised Mari making it such a special day. The talks that the grandma's gave were geared toward her so she could understand and they did such a good job.

This picture of Ashley and the kids is precious. The kids were so excited that Mari was getting baptised. All of my kids kept telling me that they felt good when she was baptised. They knew it was a good decision. Mari we are so proud of you! You are such a great big sister setting such a good example!
 I can't believe that Isaac will be old enough this year to be baptised too. It is so crazy that the oldest grandkids are now getting baptised. My how time flies!
Cassy Final

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