Saturday, May 29, 2010

Let's go fly a Kite!

It was finally nice enough to take the kids to the park to fly kites. It was overcast with a very slight breeze. We actually made plans in the morning to take the kids after Isaac was out of school and by the time we left we didn't think we were going to get the kites up because it was not windy at all.

It turned out perfect and there was just enough of a breeze to be great fun with the kids. They loved it! They could control the kites by themselves.
The kids were so funny about letting their strings out...they all wanted to be out the farthest. Then they started doing tricks. Their best trick was getting tangled with each other and then getting untangled!
The kids have already asked a few times since if we can go to the park to fly kites. We really had a fun time!

Kaden's kite was anakin skywalker, Isaac's was yoda and Abbie had tinkerbell. Kaden loved throwing his kite up to get it in the air then would run to Reed and get his string. He wanted to do every part of flying his kite.
Isaac flew his kite right over me so I could get a picture of his "COOL" kite. You're right buddy, Yoda is so cool!

Tinkerbell....Abbie's Kite!
This was the only picture I have of all three kids kites in the same picture. They loved doing tricks with their kites...even if it meant getting tangled. Which somehow they always got untangled. The kids got such a laugh out of watching their kites fly!
They kept wanting to get their kites higher, so they would run. They kept going until they were all three at the fence. They had to slowly walk their kites back to the other side of the soccer field.

Then we had to roll up the strings and start over at the other end of the soccer field. It was such a fun family activity!
We will definetely go fly kites was SO fun!
Cassy Final

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