Wednesday, May 26, 2010


We were in Vernal last weekend and went swimming at the recreation center. It's the perfect activity for the entire family. The kids love getting wet!

Grandpa and Kaden had a splash fun!
The kids favorite part is the lazy river...although this one is not lazy...I think they should rename it the swift river. It is hard getting in and out of the current, it's so fast! The kids love it though!

Abbie is learning to float on her back...big feat...she used to not like to do this. Our little girl is growing up!
The inside toys are awesome! There is a huge bucket on top that fills up and then pours and splashes over everything!
I love this's a appropriate for Vernal (dinosaurland)!

It was great to spend some time together at the rec center. The kids loved the swim after the three hour drive, it was perfect to get their wiggles out! It's always great to spend time with family!
Cassy Final

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  1. Hi Cassy, don't ever hesitate to say hi! I know I should do the same but usually I am trying to get a 5 minute nap in before I pick up all the kids.. The move went good and we are still trying to get settled but I think that always takes a while. My header picture was taken at this cool thing off the side of the road as you go up Ogden canyon going towards Pine View Lake. You can't miss it. Thanks for saying hi and will have to try and talk at school one day. Hope all is well with you and your family..


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