Thursday, May 27, 2010

Preschool Graduation

Abbie and Kaden at the Preschool Graduation Program!
This year's graduation preschool program was so cute! The kids did great showing all the songs that they had learned and some poems too.
Kaden's part was in the V.I.P. song...he did such a good job!
Abbie was the gardener in the mother's day song....but, my camera ran out of batteries. I guess I shouldn't wait a couple weeks before charging and a few hundred pictures later...maybe a thousand pictures...but, who's counting?
I am sad I didn't get a picture of Abbie in her graduation cap. That's what I really wished I had batteries for but, you can't win everything. So, I guess I'll have to just take a picture of her in her cap for her book. Kaden got a certificate of advancement because he will go to preschool again next year. He loves it!!
The school did such a great job and the kids have such a good time everytime they go.  I've been impressed by the projects the kids bring home...definetely not a dull moment!
I am glad Abbie and Kaden that you've loved school so much because this is the beginning of journey for many years to come!
Cassy Final

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