Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Heritage Days Parade

The heritage day's parade was great this year! Our friends actually got to drive these cool old highway patrol cars!
This float was awesome! It definetely was the best float in the parade!
The kids loved collecting all the candy! Due to being at the beginning of the parade....the floats were anxious to throw their candy. SOOOOO...my kids came home with a TON of candy. We actually weighed it when we got home and it weighed 9 pounds. Can you believe it...I put it in the apothecary jar and it was more candy than Halloween. This was TOO much candy so I grabbed some sandwich bags and filled them and had the kids give them to some of the neighbors that we knew hadn't been to the parade. Nobody needs that much candy! So we shared our candy fortune!
This was one of my favorites...who doesn't love the local missionaries. It made me think of my brother on his mission! So proud of you Garrett!
The kids had a great time at the parade. I even did Abbie's hair in this cool firework hairdo! So fun! I also loved all the old cars, this one was my favorite because of it's cool blue color.
We love going every year to the Heritage Day's Parade, such a fun tradition!
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kaden Turning Four...Happy Birthday

Birthday Boy!
I can't believe our little boy just turned four! I mean, where did all the time go! I remember when he was born with his blonde hair with what looked like highlights and those beautiful blue eyes. So handsome! We are so proud of you and are excited to see you grow into such a wonderful little boy!
We were excited to see the Toy Story 3 movie coming out just days before your birthday so, we went to the movie for the birthday party!

Yep, you are four and you showed everybody who asked you how old you were turning that day! FOUR and proud of it!
I tried to replicate the "Rex" from the toy story shows for the birthday cake! It was pretty fun and the kids were entranced by the little stars I was piping to decorate the cake. So funny!
I always let the birthday person pick their favorite meal for dinner. Kaden chose pizza and strawberries. I wasn't really surprised by the request. Cheese pizza is all of the kids favorite but, Kaden is a little different that he is my child that chooses shredded wheat over lucky charms and so forth. He is his father's son...for sure!
We had a family birthday party and had a great time opening presents after the movie and dinner. The theme was "Toy Story" and Kaden was thrilled.
We gave Kaden an umbrella and boots. He has since been seen sporting these cool frog boots with shorts with no rain in sight! Love you buddy!
Kaden loves sleeping with his Red dinosaur that aunt adrienne gave him over a year ago. So, the "Rex" from toy story was the perfect addition to his stuffed animals. He love it!

The ONLY thing Kaden asked specifically for his birthday presents was a SUPER SOAKER BLASTER that has 25 feet of soaking action! I kid you not, that is exactly what he will tell you....the ENTIRE phrase I just typed! A super soaker blaster with 25 feet of soaking action!! LOL  I asked him where he got this information from since I had never seen a super soaker blaster. He informed me he saw it on the tv. I guess it's official, MARKETING WORKS!! Apprently, because that is all he would talk about for weeks. So funny! We also got him some legos so  he would have his own when he and Isaac played lego's.
Kaden we love you SO much! You are a joy to have in our family and we appreciate all the happiness you bring to our home. We are so proud of you finishing your first year of preschool and coming out of your shell a little more every time you went. You are my quieter child yet once you warm-up you can be louder than the other two combined. You love tickles and love to give hugs. Everyday you wake right up with a smile on your face and tell me you love me. I love that! I'm sure someday you are going to tell me not to call you "Tater" and "Kader Bug" but for now, I will cherish you allowing me to keep you as my little buddy. Always willing to give your mom a hug and tell me you love me! Such a sweet little boy! I want you to always stay my little Kader Bug!
We love you SO much!
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stop the Car....Idaho is Beautiful

When we left the church house on sunday in Idaho, I was entranced by the lush landscape and fell in love with the scenery. I saw a really cool old house and wanted to stop but, didn't say anything and kept watching the scenery out the window. When the second, cool old house came into view, I asked him to stop. Well, it was more like...."SSSTTTTOOOOOPPP....LOOK AT THAT OLD HOUSE....IT IS SO COOL...................Sooooooo......he SLAMMED ON THE BRAKES...FLIPPED AROUND...and we got out to take pictures. I know not every husband would stop....but, mine knows me well and knows when I get that excited, he better stop...or he'd never hear the end of it...It's a good thing he loves me.....I don't think that many would put up with such randomness...but, it paid off HUGE...because I LOVE THESE PHOTOS!

You are so silly!
The kids were SO good to let me take their photos and I REALLY lucked out because they were already dressed to go to church so, they were already styled for a nice photo. Yeah!! I love the scenery and the kids are pretty cute too! Love you kids!

Cassy Final
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