Friday, June 19, 2009

Americana Bench

This Americana bench turned out so cute. I did a red bench then couldn't decide what kind of pillow. I decided to do it Americana. The pillow is a quilt top I made for the front with a light brown denim for the back, cording and ties. The pillow is tea stained to give it an antiqued/aged look. It was really fun to try this antiquing for the first time. My friend that made the heritage doll for Abbie taught me how to antique fabric. I am so glad she gave me her hints and tricks because I probably would have done it wrong. I am so glad that I have friends that are willing to help me out and I want to be the same. The color of the bench is called colonial red and that is where the Americana theme came from. This bench is the same size as the green and black/white bench. So, the price is the same as those, $189. So, let me know if you want this one and I won't put it on . This is the last of the benches that I have built. I do have the supplies to make one more bench but, it is a big one and will be very custom. I have an antique door to be the seat of this next one. I have some really grand ideas for it but, after doing so many...I am not quite ready to start that one. Maybe next week. This sunday will be Kaden's birthday along with father's day so, I will probably take a break for a day or two and then start next week.
You have to look close but, there is a subtle flag pattern in the patch work. Look for the stars in the corner and the rest is stripes. I meant for it to be more obvious but, it's probably because I threw in that stars and strips together material in the mix that it's not obvious right away. Oh well, I like how it turned out.
I took this picture in my living room by my Americana ladder...I thought it looked cute in there. Americana theme is so much fun in the summer time.
Cassy Final

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