Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Chair

I have been wanting to do an aqua chair for a while now. I love the happy color of it. I found the cutest material to make the throw pillow out of. Its aqua with little cherries on it. SO CUTE!! It looks better in person than this picture shows. I did the cording around the edge in a red grosgrain. It really makes the red pop from the other fabric. It's a really comfortable chair and I love how it turned out!
This picture isn't very clear. I must have the wrong setting on my camera turned on. It didn't look like this on the little screen on my camera but, you can't tell much from a tiny screen. Oh well, you can tell the chair is aqua and that the throw pillow matches. It's quite a fun little chair. This is the chair before I did anything to it. It was in need of a cleaning and also to be sanded, painted, sealed and of course a pillow made to match.
Cassy Final

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