Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just Sore

I don't have any pictures because I am not finished with the next three benches. I just got them built friday and Saturday. Reed was working so I got out the power tools and went to work. It was so much fun. But, I think Reed was a little sad that I didn't need his help. I wish he would have been home because I am SUPER sore today. It's a good thing sunday is usually a day of rest because I have some really sore arm muscles. It's like I was drilling in screws and counter sinking everything. LOL Oh well, I will post pictures when I get them painted....if this RAIN ever stops. It's kinda hard to paint when it's raining. Anyway, thought I would let you know I haven't dropped off the face of the earth...just busy building. I really have enjoyed watching each one take it's own identity. I built a little girl's bench out of part of a crib, a small bench like the other two I just posted about and then one large bench that is almost five feet long. I love it!! I can't decide what color to paint the long one. I am either going to go white and antique it or black with fun pillows. I already got to paint the small one red in the one break we got in the rain yesterday and the little pink child's bench needs the seat upholstered before I can assemble it completely. Well, I hope you are all having a NOT sore muscle day and maybe next time I'll wait till Reed can help me.....well,.....maybe. P.S. Thank you all for your calls and comments on the benches. It was nice to get feedback. Cassy Final

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