Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Joy in the Simple Things

I know this is a simple thing but, sometimes the simplest things bring us joy. I had three red pots that I had planted grass in last year. I wanted to plant something a little more useful this year. I decided it would be fun to have some herbs in my kitchen window. So, when we were at the nursery getting garden plants, I bought three herb plants. One oregano, bay leaves, and parsley. They are finally big enough to use. I used a little sprig of parsley to garnish homemade chicken fetuccini alfredo. I know it's only garnish but, I was so happy that I grew my own herbs. I am definetely not a herbologist (is that a word?) and I can't see myself growing a whole herb garden. But, this is kinda fun having a few herbs to use in a few simple recipes. Just thought I would share a simple thing that had brought me a smile!
Cassy Final

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