Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Kaden is now Three!!

I can't believe it...Kaden is now three years old. His birthday was on Sunday so we had a father's day dinner and a Birthday party. So, it was fun to have family come and participate for both with us. Thanks to everyone who helped out by bringing side dishes, it helped out with so many people. We loved having everyone there.
Anytime Kaden see's a bright yellow car he yells "Bumblebee Mom.....it's bumblebee!!" So, I decided we would have a cake with this theme. I think it's great because my brother played with these when I was growing up and now...my own kids are playing with the same toys!! On saturday....we went to 7-11 and got bumblebee slurpee's because the movie is coming out this week, I think. He was also really excited because we went to get the mail and there was a birthday package from Grandma and Grandpa Millett! He carried it all the way back to the house and then kept reminding me all day that he had a birthday package for "Tommorrow is MY Birthday!"
We had a yummy birthday and father's day dinner. Thanks for everyone again for helping out! Then we opened presents and had cake and icecream. Kaden got a scooter and a bike. The pictures of Kaden riding his bike and scooter was taken on monday when he finally took the bike and scooter outside. Sunday night he was allowed to ride both to his bedroom to go to bed. It was so cute...he parked them right by his bed and then the next morning, he was the first one up and got on his bike and rode into my room to tell me he was awake. Then he got off his bike...ran back into his room and came and parked his scooter in my bedroom too before climbing into my bed to give me a hug. I just love that little boy and he makes me smile all the time. I wish I had pictures but, I must have had my camera on the wrong setting because they were really blurry. So, the only pictures on the bike and scooter are the next day when he took them outside to live. (that was the rule...he could ride them in the house but once they were taken outside...that's where they live permanently) Kaden you are such a joy to your father and I and we love you so much. We love how you are shy until you decide that you can do it and then off you go...you can do anything if you put your mind to it. You have such a loving personality and we are so grateful that you are part of our family. You keep us on our toes and always keep us laughing at your funny antics. We love you so much! Happy Birthday...still can't believe that you are already three years old!! I am sure time will continue to fly!
Cassy Final


  1. I love the Cake! You are very talented Cassy. Happy Birthday to your son.

  2. Sorry the comment came from me. Heather Dodd, didn't know if it posted it or not.


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