Thursday, June 18, 2009

More Benches

This bench is longer and a little different from the black and white bench. This bench has the softest black back pillow. It's ties on the side are the soft microsuede. The metal plaque on the back says "Family."This bench is approximately four feet long, three feet tall and 21 inches wide. So, it is more of a "family" size bench. LOL Sorry, couldn't resist the little funny since that is what the plaque say! I really like this bench and it will be hard for me to sell.
This is the metal plaque.
The black fabric is super soft and has a pattern in the fabric. It is a swirly leafy print. (Kinda hard to describe, but really pretty)I couldn't get a good picture of the pillow fabric, so I guess you'll have to come see it in person. If you'll notice, Kaden kept wanting to be in the picture. He said he was playing hide and seek for the picture. So, see if you can find him. LOL
This bench is much larger than the other regular size benches and therefore was more expensive to build. So, I am going to sell this bench for $275. This one is a child's girl bench. It is made out of a crib side and a child's bed. The seat is upholstered in a super soft chenile polka dot fabric. The pillow is a super cute light pink plaid and the reverse side is the same fabric as the seat. You have the option of either side. The ties on the side make bows and matches the seat material that is super soft chenile.
These are the pictures of the details. The flowers at the top of the bench and the bow ties on the side out of the soft chenile fabric.
The pink bench is approximately 2.5 feet wide, 18 inches deep and 3 feet tall. I am selling this small child's bench for $85. It's not that much small than the regular size benches but, much shorter and is meant for a child so, the price reflects that.
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