Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Tree Hunt

The kids were really excited to go Christmas tree hunting. We headed to Vernal, Utah and picked up grandma and grandpa and headed up the mountain to get the perfect tree.
This is Kaden's pick for a tree...I don't think it's big enough darling.
Our tree measured twelve feet. It was perfect. The extra pine bowes I knew I could use to decorate. So, each of the kids took a turn helping dad to cut the tree down.
This is grandma and grandpa's perfect tree...full and tall.
The kids loved playing in the snow. It was so powdery that they had to resort to making snow angels and other snow activities that didn't require packing.
This is everyone helping to haul the trees back to the trucks.
The kids got to ride the Christmas tree down the mountain. Reed was such a good sport letting each of the kids ride on the tree like a horse. Although Isaac's ride didn't last too long...he's getting too big.
I love that we get a real Christmas tree each year...maybe some year we'll get a fake but, for now we enjoy choosing a tree together. Maybe this will stay as a yearly holiday tradition.
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