Saturday, December 19, 2009


Well, it's finally been done...I pulled out the maternity clothes. I finally don't fit the "feeling fat" regular pair of pants. I am now six months and haven't shown that much up until now. The doctor's showed me early on why I haven't been showing because the baby attatched right on the back side of the uterus by my spine. So, I've felt pregnant and had back aches since the beginning but, just didn't look that pregnant. That was one of the reasons why we were waiting until we knew the sex of the baby to officially tell everyone, because I didn't look pregnant and nobody ever asked. I've learned to never ask anyone if they were pregnant because we've all stuck our foot in our mouth at least once to learn that lesson the hard way. So, I wasn't that surprised that nobody really ever asked...although a few people did figure it out early on. I thought that pulling out the maternity clothes was going to be a "not so good" thing but, actuallly it wasn't that bad. I hadn't realized that I had limited myself to about a fourth of my closet so, it's like having a new wardrobe...sorta. The only problem with maternity clothes is that it's hard to find TALL ones. Luckily my friend and I are about the same heighth and share the same problem. We have traded maternity clothes with our last pregnancies and it has been such a blessing (thank you dear friend, you are an angel in more ways than one). She assures me that their family is complete and won't be needing them back. I knew that pulling out the maternity clothes was going to be a milestone because this made the whole pregnancy REALLY real. I didn't just feel pregnant, now I am looking like it. My fears are now that I am showing I have to deal with the random strangers that come up and touch your belly in the super market and ask those lovely questions like...what are you having...when are you due...are you SO excited? I am not so worried about me being able to just tell them we are having a boy and leave it at that (random strangers don't need to know) but, those of you who have children...young children...know they are brutally honest and I am afraid of those times when the kids just blurt out that "our baby won't make it" or something to that affect and then I am left to tactfully explain things because my children are just being them...honest. I wouldn't want my children to be anything than, lately I have avoided the grocery store as much as possible. The Christmas shopping craze can be a little much. Thankfully Reed has been more than willing to help me figure out what to fix with what we STILL have in the fridge. I can't tell him how he has saved me more than once from having to make Ramen or something else just as wonderful. So, if you see me at the grocery store earlier in the morning or later at you'll know...and I guess you are there too...are you hiding from the crazy belly touching ladies too? Cassy Final

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