Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gingerbread House Memories

Our good friends invited us over for dinner and to make gingerbread houses. Every year we have put together a gingerbread lasts for a few days before most of the candy has gone missing and the kids are picking the icing off a little bit at a time. The gingerbread houses always looks pretty when we finish and the kids are proud of their special touches. Our kids love hanging out together and we had such a great time. Thanks for helping us this year to continue our tradition of making a gingerbread house and also to make a memory with Jacob. Each family had a house to decorate and each house turned out a little bit different. Their's turned out like an applachian snow cottage while ours looked like the little house that could. Let me explain. As we were putting all the candy on each section it would become so heavy that we were holding it up until the rest of the icing was hard enough to hold that much weight. If you look closely at the pictures you will notice a stack of peppermint candys and green gummy ones...they look like a special touch that make the house have a porch or something that cool but, it is only a support beam to hold on that side of the roof. The other picture is of the box the gingerbread came in being used to support the other side of the roof when it became too heavy and started to slide. None of this mattered to the kids and they loved spending time with some good friends. Thank you for helping us celebrate this season and being able to relax and just enjoy an evening with friends. You were kind and gracious and we really appreciated an evening where the kids had so much fun. Thank you for letting us just be us...even though we feel like we are different people and a lifetime from where we were, you have treated us like you always have but with added compassion for where we are. Love ya!
Cassy Final

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  1. We had a great time too! In fact we had so much fun we forgot to have dessert, so we owe you guys dessert sometime. Thanks for being real and letting me be real. You are amazingly special!



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