Friday, December 18, 2009

Isaac is Seven!!

Happy Birthday Isaac!
I really can't believe our oldest is times flies when you're having fun. Isaac is such a joy in our family and he is the best big brother. He is tender hearted and very energetic and fun. This year for his birthday we went easy. He has always wanted to go to Chuck E. Cheeses and so our family and some cousins went to have some fun and dinner. The pizza is something else...good thing there was cake and ice cream later. The kids definetely didn't mind and had a hard time finishing their peice because they were excited to go play again.
Isaac's favorite game was the car racing game. He was really good and played it quite a few times. This year he wanted Lego's, starwars stuff, paper and pencils. No joke...this was his list...although when he said family prayer the night before his birthday he prayed that he would get a tv and a x-box. Needless to say, it was hard not to laugh in the middle of prayer. Reed talked to him when they said his personal prayers by his bed that a tv and x-box were pretty big items and that we might not get everything we want.
He loved the lego set he got and the Chess set is already a favorite. Now he has one of his own! Isn't that what every seven year old dreams of...their very own chess set...well Isaac does. That was the first thing he asked for when he awoke in the morning of his birthday. He asked dad to play a game of chess before school. So I told them I would make breakfast while they played. It was Isaac's first stale mate. I think someone gave him a little birthday present with that one.
Isaac we love you and are so glad that you are apart of our wouldn't be the same without your energy in the house.
Cassy Final

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