Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cutting our Christmas Tree

Cutting our Christmas tree was really fun this year. We haven't had this much snow in years when we have gone hunting for a tree. It's a good thing we had our 4-wheel drive vehicle because it was over a foot of snow on the road to get back into where the trees were located. 
Everyone staying in the trail from the person in front of them. It was REALLY deep snow! The kids had to follow adults otherwise they could hardly move. 
Ashley and kids were the first to find their tree! I told them it was beginner's luck!! It took us a little while longer to find our perfect tree! 
Kai helped grandpa cut their family tree down. 
Proud tree cutters! 
Mom and Dad found their tree. A tall slender tree...perfect for their living room! 
We were the last to find our tree. We found three others that looked awesome too but, they were over the cutting limit. So we kept searching until we found this beautiful tree. It was taller than my ceiling which makes it perfect to have extra pine bows for decorating. 
Isaac helping Dad cut the tree! The kids each get a turn cutting a few times on the tree. 
Kaden taking his turn cutting the christmas tree. This was the best view I could get. The snow was so deep they had to dig the snow out from around the tree to get to where they needed to cut the tree. 
Abbie getting her turn to cut the tree! 
Reed finishing cutting the tree. 
The boys getting ready to drag the tree back in the deep snow back to the truck. 
Our tree cut with love! 
The kids expect every year to be able to ride the tree down the hill to the truck. We took a short video and then the ride was over...the kids are getting too big! 
Draggin the trees back to the truck. 
The last little hill was the steepest. 
Ashley and I were draggin their tree back and we turned a corner between some trees and the next thing I know...Ashley is in the snow. I grabbed the camera and snap a photo. Good times!! 
While the men were tying down the trees my kids made snow angels. 
Isaac's snow angel. 
Abbie made quite a few snow angels! She made one for every member of our family. So sweet!! 
Finally Kaden joined in and made his own snow angel. 
It has become tradition to cut our own tree. They are fresh and smell great! The adventure of finding the perfect tree is the best part! Another great Christmas tree cutting adventure!

Cassy Final


  1. Beautiful Tree and SNOW! :) Tell the kids hello from Dana. Tell Isaac I will miss him coming to my door to just visit. :) Love You Guys!

  2. What fun! I loved having a live tree growing up. Thanksgiving looks like a blast too...our friends (mitch's girlfriend's family) did a couple of magic shows at holly days. It looks like so much fun! I am glad you were able to make it!


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