Thursday, December 30, 2010

Family Christmas Parties

This year, we had four christmas parties on the same day. We had to choose what was most important and family always wins. So, we went to Reed's family party at lunch time and then to the Millett's Christmas party that evening. It worked out great!
The Durrant Family Christmas party was fun as usual. We were able to get a picture with Reeds grandmother. This is spunky grandma Durrant and we just love her! 
The kids did a "cake" walk where they received a present from great-grandma durrant when their number was called. 
Kids doing the cake walk. 
Kaden received Super Samurai guys and he loved them. 
Abbie and her present. 
The "cousins" are always interested in a rousing game of Chess. I wonder where Isaac gets his love of chess from? (James is holding his daughters hula hoop...what a great dad!) 
There was some intense games played. Chess is always a favorite! 
The Millett Christmas party started in Layton this year and we first went to tour the Layton City Lights. They were awesome! 
The kids kept pointing to the figure that they liked the best and then wanted me to take a picture of it. 
The kids really love Christmas lights! 
Every year there is a program. Of course, only after a deliciously, yummy dinner, provided by all. The program started with the oldest (my dad) and he entertained us with a really funny huntin' dog story about p-h-y-d-i-o-u-x (FIDO). We were all laughing! 
For the rest of the program, there were musical numbers and other funny skits. We always have a good time when we are together. My grandma played a duet with aunt Vicki....and her love of music shows through to all of the grandkids. There was a lot of musical talents shared! The evening ended with everyone wanting pictures with Grandma Millett. We love her and enjoy getting to spend time with her! Love you Grandma! 
Cassy Final

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