Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We finally built a Snowman, Snowman, Snowman

The kids have been asking since the first snowfall to build a snowman. We didn't have time to build one with the very first snow and then it was gone before we were able to make one. The kids have been watching every day for more snow. We finally got enough snow, that if we rolled the snowball across the entire front yard, using all the snow, we had enough snow to make a snowman. 
The kids added all the snowman parts from our snowman kit, even the "bubble blower" (as they call it). 
The snowman melted a little bit that day but when it got really cold that night, it froze and stayed for over a week. 
The kids were SO proud of their snowman. 
We had SO much fun building our snowman. 
You can see that it took almost all the snow in the front yard to build our snowman. 
The kids LOVED on their snowman. 
Everyone that helped build out snowman for 2010! (Isaac was still in school but, we didn't want the snow to melt this time before we were able to build our snowman)
Abbie and Kaden playing in the snow, making tiny snowballs.  
These two are such good little buddies! 

Cassy Final

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