Friday, December 31, 2010

Visiting Vernal

Reed, the kids, and I went to Vernal a few days before Christmas because Reed, my Dad and my little brother Jordan had Elk Tags for the south slope of diamond mountain. As soon as we made it to Vernal, it started snowing....and snowing....and snowing. There was about two feet of snow in two days. We had a few activities planned while we were in town. We went and saw the lights around town and we also wanted to put a wreath on Dustin's grave. 
When we got to the cemetery, we dug ourselves a path over to his grave so we could place the flowers and wreaths. 
This was the first time Reed had seen the headstone. I had been up to the cemetery with my siblings while Reed had stayed with the kids so, this was their first time to see the headstone. 

My mom and I made the pine swag out of the extra pine from her Christmas tree. Ashley and the kids brought a poinsettia. The flags in Dustin's flower vase are from his favorite teams that he loved to watch playing basketball. The flags are really appropriate for this time of year since it's basketball season. 
Mom, Dad and Jordan with Ashley and the kids. 
Mari, Kai, Logan and little Courtney. So precious. 
Ashley and the kids 
Our kids and us with the cousins. Good little buddies. 
Mari was loving the snow and then grandpa couldn't let a perfect opportunity pass him by...he threw Mari in the snow and buried her in....SHE LOVED IT! 

She kept jumping back in the snow. 

This is the back of the headstone. It has all four kids names with Japanese figures that say "eternal family". My brother served a mission in Japan and loved everything Japanese. My dad also served in Japan. In this picture you can see the BYU and Jazz flags. So perfect for Dustin. 
Cassy Final

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