Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving, being Thankful for working vehicles, and Camels!

Thanksgiving was wonderful this year. We almost didn't make it due to car trouble but, my family pushed thanksgiving dinner back an hour and we ate as soon as we got there. Good thing I was in charge of the relish cooking needed. Cut vegetables on a platter and you're good to go...good thing because we got there just in time to eat. These glass turkeys are my grandmothers. My mom inherited when she passed and they were the center peice for the Thanksgiving table.
You can't have Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie!! I love homemade pumpkin pie! YUM!

We are so thankful we were able to go home for Thanksgiving. On Wednesday I was heading down I-15 to pick-up Reed from work so we could get to Vernal the evening before thanksgiving. I heard a squeaky belt noise and thought it was this old car that had come up along side of me. The car passed and that's when I noticed the squeak was ME!! The next thing I notice is one red flashing light on the dash board saying "battery not charging" and that is when I lost power steering and power everything. It was a blessing I was in the right lane because going 60 mph with no power steering it was really hard to get the car stopped off the side of the road after going around a bend in the road. Needless to say, by the time I got stopped and called Reed I was in tears. He asks me to go look under the hood. The first thing I notice is the belt that goes around everything is missing. Reed then asks me to see if there is any fluids leaking underneath as he was concerned about the belt puncturing the radiator when it came off. I look underneath and notice fluid POURING our of the engine. NOT A GOOD SIGN!! Reed said he would try to get off a little early...he just had to give report, finish charting and be there as soon as he could. He stopped by the auto store to get a new belt to be able to limp the car off the freeway. It was cold enough that we hopefully could get off the freeway without the radiator. So, I climbed in the back and got out the winter clothes (packed for christmas tree hunting)and bundled the kids up. It was COLD! We only had to wait about an hour before Reed came to our aid. Luckily I hadn't picked up Reed yet so he came with a warm car for the kids to sit in while we worked on the other. Come to find was actually the water pump that had gone out (thus all the fluid pouring out) and it had wiggled enough to throw the belt which in turn controls all the power everything. After being on the side of the freeway for five hours and now with a dead battery. We finally called a tow truck to take us back home.(thankfully covered by our insurance). It was too cold to be able to fix the car on the side of the road and we were short parts needed to fix the problem. We at least could get home and be able to fix it in the garage where it was a little bit warmer than the freeway with cars passing by at 60 + mph. We just prayed we could find a part store open on thanksgiving morning that had the parts we needed. We climbed into bed at 2 a.m. with the plan to wake up and take the car apart then go to the auto store to find the parts we needed when they opened at 9 a.m. We found a part store open on 31st in Ogden and Reed was headed there when he found  a checker store open on Layton Main Street. He was able to purchase all four parts we needed, replacement fluids and was even able to borrow a special tool needed to get the fan part off the water pump with the promise to please bring the tool back because it wasn't for rent. Reed gave his word and came home with everything needed to fix the car. He had the car all back together and was replacing the fluid at 11:30 a.m. I repacked the car while he took a 3 minute shower (literally) so we could make it for Thanksgiving dinner. We stopped on our way out of town and gave back the borrowed tool and we were on our way to Vernal. We called to say we were on our way and they said they would push dinner back an hour to wait for us. We were very thankful they could wait to share the holiday with us! Love you all and thank you!! 
The day after thanksgiving is HOLLY DAYS! It includes a craft fair and lots of free activities. The police department had a roped off area for kids to ride pedal cars. 
Isaac was okay that he got the pink tractor when it was his turn to ride...apparently they are the fastest pedal cars. 
The next thing we did was ride a came. Yep, I said camel. We had to wait in line for an hour in the cold but, the kids were SO excited to get to have this opportunity. It's not everyday you get the opportunity to ride a camel. Definetely Reed and mine first time. 

Right before our turn they changed to the male camel. He was about 9 feet talle at the hump. You had to use a special stair and platform to get on the camel. Then you got to take a turn around the roped off area.  
Abbie and I were able to ride next. It is quite the ride...swaying back and forth so high off the ground. Definetely something to always remember! 
My mom and dad even rode the camel. We all decided that if we waited an hour in line in the cold, it was worth taking a ride. Probably a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! 
Even my neice Leah, who just turned a year old, took a ride. It was REALLY a fun experience!
While standing in line for the camel rides, they started to set up the free churro booth. So, after our camel ride we all enjoyed a free, warm and yummy churro! 
This is Leah after her first camel ride. 
After the free churros we got on a free shuttle to go to the Western Park where they had rock climbing and the festival of trees. 
Kaden enjoying the warm shuttle ride.
Abbie and Reed were the only ones that wanted to climb the rock wall so they stood in a short line to take their turn on the rock wall.
I love her hair after taking off her static filled coat. Looks like a serious natural rock climber! 
While we were waiting for the light parade to begin the kids got to ride some ponies! 
Isaac was careful to not touch the pony. He has allergies from horses so he is careful to not touch their fur. He still loves to ride. Sounds just like his dad!
Kaden enjoying his little pony ride! Great view for the passing light parade!
After the light parade, there were still festivities but, the kids were ready for hot chocolate at grandma and grandpa's house! So, we headed back to the cars to warm up with some yummy hot chocolate but stopped at a booth and got a deep fried oreo for everyone to try! Quite yummy! A day filled with trying new things at Holly Days!

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  1. Cassy glad to hear you had a great thanksgiving this year. Sorry to hear about all the car trouble leading into it. We got to tx to find kevins car dead in parking lot aTapt. He and kent went searching for car store open late sat night. They got it fixed. I shoujld havr my internet hooked back up today. When life is settled here soon I will give you a call. Love ya.

  2. Hey... Uncle and Cliff and I made those Turkeys ...they reminded me of Thanksgiving with Mom and Dad... Thanks for the memory.
    By the way..wanted to tell you congrats on the baby girl. We're excited for you!!


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