Friday, December 10, 2010

Decorating the Christmas Tree!

The kids were really into decorating with me for Christmas this year. It made it a lot easier to have the kids help. When it was time to hang all the ornament balls. I sat on the floor and added the little wire hooks while the kids would wait anxiously for the next ball to be ready. 
The kids had a stool and a chair to make sure the ornaments were distributed properly. This is a BIG difference from year's past when only a few limbs were decorated heavily. You can see me on the floor putting the hooks on the balls. 
The tree is 9 feet tall so the kids started to climb on the tall tv cabinet to get the ornaments to the top. It was really fun seeing the kids distribute the ornaments so carefully! 
The kids decorating the tree. 
We set the timer on the camera on the tripod and took a family photo of us putting the star on the tree. Abbie made sure that I was by her...she's attatched to my hip lately. Too cute! 
This photo should have been before the last one because this is Reed putting the star on the tree. He had to stand on a chair to reach it....the tree went clear to the ceiling! Beautiful! 
The kids making their silly faces with the finished tree! Love you all! 
After the kids went to bed, I took some photos on the shutter setting so I could get the beautiful glow of the tree captured on film. It is so gorgeous all lit up at night. 
I love the tall slender tree we chose this year. It was so fun hiking together as a family on the mountain side to pick the PERFECT tree. It fit perfectly in it's spot. I love the glow of a lit christmas tree this time of year. It's one of my favorite things to do. Turn out all the lights except the glow of the christmas tree and decorations. It creates such a beautiful sight! So pretty and calming!
Cassy Final

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