Friday, December 31, 2010

Our Christmas

The kids opened their Christmas jammies on Christmas Eve. Reed had to work Christmas Eve until Christmas morning so we had to open our jammies before dinner. We then had christmas eve dinner together and then the kids and I watched a Christmas movie while Reed went to work. Then the kids headed to bed to wait for Santa to come and eat his cookies and milk!
Reed had the kids pinky promise him that they would go into mom and dad's room to wait for him to come home from work before they went to see what Santa brought and it worked! The kids were jumping on the bed with excitement when Reed finally walked through the door. They had to wait about 45 minutes before Dad showed up! Reed was so proud of them for waiting for him.
Kids ready to go see what Santa brought!
The kids favorite thing Santa brought was the bey blades. They are tops that battle in the red stadium. The kids couldn't get enough and kept at it for hours.
Abbie and Mom built her Apple Tree Lego House that afternoon while Dad took a nap.
Kaden and Mom built his city house.
Abbie loved her princess blow up sleeping bag. She kept telling dad that now she won't have to sleep in his "duck" print sleeping bag that was his as a kid. 
The boys still battling their bey blades. We stayed in our jammies all day and boy, was it fun!
It was a mellow, low-key Christmas yet, was so fun! We enjoyed taking it slow and just spending time with each other! It was a blessed Christmas season! Merry Christmas Kiddo's!

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