Monday, March 9, 2009


I finally finished my dressers. They were great dressers but, the original peach color definetely wasn't my favorite with bright gold hardware. I did a base coat on the entire thing(except the marble top, in a "fossil" brown color). A lot of the time was in each step drying. Stain takes a long time to dry. I also did a base coat of black on the dresser fronts, then used crackle paint with a blue over top. And any of you that have crackled, it is pretty easy but does have some dry time involved. So, a lot of the reason this has taken so long to post is that they took so long to dry. After the crackle, then I wiped stain over the top to make the blue a little more subtle. Then I did the patterns. On the diamond pattern dresser, I had to the crackle finish. Then wait a day for it to dry thoroughly. Then retape over the part I had just done to get the diamond next to it. I know that sounds confusing but, the tape was in the way so when you got through taping, only every other diamond was exposed. Therefore you had to do half of the project then wait for it to dry then do the other half. Both dressers used the same paint colors and same base colors but, I wanted the pattern on the front of the dressers different. I wanted them to match but, not identical. The dressers are being used as side tables. This makes the room have a lot more space. Reed's dresser has a diamond pattern in it which is more of a masculine and then the scroll pattern is on my dresser which is definetely more feminine. They both turned out great!! The tops of the dressers are a rough marble. It is polished on the top but, I love that it's not perfect. What is? The colors in the dresser are brown, slate blue, and a black (the only black part you see is what shows through under the crackle of the blue. So, it is very subtle). I would love to hear what you think and I hope the steps I explained weren't too confusing. Most of you can probably just look at the pictures and tell what I did. I love how all the steps came together to create such unqiue and fun dressers.

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  1. Wow! They are awesome and beautiful! I wish I had the talent and patience to do that! Good Job!


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