Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Grass Project

Isn't this such fun Easter grass! It's real!! I grew wheat grass in pots and baskets for an Enrichment night. It's a really inexpensive way to add greenery to a table without the cost. A basket, a little potting soil, and then soak the wheat to help it sprout. It's apparently really healthy but, I think it's really fun to have just as basket of grass. You have to mow it just like outside because it grows so fast. It smells like fresh cut grass and really makes me itch for spring. We used lanterns on the table with the grass and then a picture of Christ with women on each of the tables. The night turned out great! The grass was a hit and I sent people home with it because let's face it...nine baskets of grass is a little much for one little window. LOL


  1. You have always been so creative! I will have to try the wheat grass idea sometime!

  2. Very cute! Awesome containers! Maybe I will get on the ball and plant some this year!


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