Thursday, March 19, 2009

Spring Soccer

Isaac started Soccer last night. He really had a great time. He was a little confused with all the gear he had to wear. He kept asking "what is this for?" We told him so he wouldn't get hurt if someone kicked him in the shins. I guess he was a little concerned that we would put him in a game where people would be kicking him. As soon as we got there...the coaches had them stretch then started drills. He warmed right up and I think he enjoyed soccer even more than basketball. Because Itty Bitty Hoops (basketball) plays after the junior jazz and basketball overlap. I didn't know this when I signed him up and will know to choose one or the other at this time. Isaac scored quite a few goal and really was a natural at this. I guess I should have figured because the kid really loves to run. I love to see him enjoying the sport so much. Great job Isaac!

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