Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Itty Bitty Hoops

Isaac is now playing Itty Bitty Hoops for Syracuse City. It is a recreation program for Kindergarten age kids only. The coaches teach the kids for the first thirty minutes how to play and then the last half hour is spent playing a game. If you can call it a game....double dribbles every five seconds. The coaches did so good at helping the kids learn to put their arms straight up to defend. They also had on wrist bands that matched a person on the other team. That was the person that you want to defend. Teaching man on man in a visual impact sort of way. It was so funny to watch the kids dribble toward the basket, then due to the congestion of kids decide the other (wrong) basket looks better to shoot at and turns and starts going for the other basket. SO CUTE!! Isaac thoroughly enjoyed it!! He shot the ball four different times but didn't make it. He was a little sad because he said, "I practiced all afternoon." Which he had done because he was so excited to go to his first basketball game. The season is only 5 weeks, and then next year they can play Junior Jazz. I am really glad that the city offers this great program. It teaches kids the fundamentals of the game and then they don't keep score. All of the coaches are on the coart helping the kids dribble toward the correct basket and really the only time it is stopped is if the ball goes out of bounds. I am so proud of you Isaac and hope that you will remember to keep trying even if we don't make a basket everytime. It's much more fun to play the game and enjoy it! The pictures are taken after we got home...I forgot my camera for the game. Oops, I'll take better pictures next time.

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  1. Way to Go Isaac! We are looking forward to soccer starting next week. I hope Madee continues to like it as she gets older(I hope we don't have to deal with bad sportsmanship!)
    I saw shellie friday night...I miss you guys! Are you still scrapping?(dumb question I know!;)


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